key metric to measure social media success

Best social media metrics to focus on your campaigns in 2023

Facebook Metrics

1. Engagement- Engagement measures the number of times people took an action or interacted with your post. These can include clicks, likes, shares, comments, reactions or repost. This metric is important as it can help you suitably mould your content creation.
2. Reach- Reach measures the number of unique people who have seen your post. It may not always happen all your posts would be organically visible to all your followers. Hence this metrics will be useful is assessing the number of users the post was visible to.
3. Impressions- While reach measures the number of people who have seen the post, impressions measure the number of times the post of viewed. A single person may view a post 2 times. The outcome of this would be an increase by one for Reach and increase by two figures for impressions.
4. Page likes and followers- Page likes measure the number of people who have appreciated your page and identified themselves as fans of the page while followers are people who have expressed interest in seeing your page content.

Twitter Metrics

1. Impressions- Tweet impressions indicate the number of times your tweet was viewed by a person outside your follower list. This metric will help you judge the quality of your content and strategize accordingly.
2. Engagements- Engagements measure the number of times people have taken action on your tweet. This can include like, reply, retweet or even clicking on a link.
3. Top Tweet- Top tweet indicates the tweet that has earned the most number of impressions for the month. It can be the type of content, the hashtag, the day and time of the posting or a mix of all of them.
4. Top Mention- Top mention is the tweet in which your page was tagged with the highest impressions using your handle name. The users mentioning you in the tweets could be potential influencers for your marketing.

Instagram Metrics

1. Impressions- It measures the number of times the post was visible to the audience either from hashtags, home or profile. Well performing hashtags can improve your post performance.
2. Reach- Reach is the number of unique users who saw your post and can be an important metric to analyse post performance.
3. Content Interactions- This measures the number of people who have taken action on your post through likes, comments, shares, saves or replies. Interactions can help you improve your content strategy.
4. Explore- Explore lets the audience find content or pages that they may not be currently following, but would be interested in based on their interactions or pages followed.

LinkedIn Metrics

1. Visitors and followers- Visitor analytics show the number of people who are visiting your page based on the relevance of your content for them. Follower analytics show the sources and demographics of people who are following you and how can you best interact with them.
2. Impressions and engagement- Impressions is the number of times and unique number of times your post has been viewed by audience. Engagement is measured by adding the number of interactions, clicks and new followers, divided by the impressions. This metric provides a valuable insight into overall performance of your content.
3. Competitor- This metric can help you know about your competitor’s followers and the type of content they like.

This were The Top Social Media Platforms And Their Metrics That You Should Track To Achieve Your Social Media Goals.